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Ravi's Photo Album
Ravinder Ireddy

Friends at work: Pic 1.

Friends at work: Pic 2.

Friends at work: Pic 3(Bangalore India).

Friends at work Pic 4(Endocott, NewYork): Ed Kohles, Mike Sedlak, Rege Dornick

Friends at work: Pic 5. (Tampa, Florida)

Ready to go to Office?

Ready to Cruise!

I'm also looking for company!!

Great Team Work!!!

Romance with THE LADY!

Our Graduation Day at IIT Kanpur, India

With my friend Krishna Mohan, IITK

With my friend Praveen, Niagara, USA

Niagara Falls, New York

Lord Shiva and Nandi, Public Garden, Hanamkonda, India

Indian Cricket Star Venkatapathi Raju

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