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This is a comprehensive on-line index about resources and sites about India. It has links to sites in, on, for and about India. With more than 5 categories and 100 links, the site is a one-stop site to e all kinds of information about India(News, Bollywood, Movies, Art&Culture, Travel, Telugu). The Beauty of India. Unity in Diversity. India WebChakra's Award Winning Site.

Ravinder Ireddy

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This homepage gives the information about me and my interests. You will also find some interesting links. I have done my Masters in Transportation Systems from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. I love not only surfing through internet but also creating new sites. If you have anything interesting to share with me, please Click here.

About Myself



Kakatiya Insitute of Technology and Science, Warangal.
Kakatiya Univeersity.
My college is located in Warangal, the town of kings and kingmakers, belongs to Andhra Pradesh , India.
Other Features
I graduated in May'1994. My specilization is civil engineering. At my college I was a member of Student Executive Body of Civil Engineering Association(CEA) during my graduation programme.


  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science

  • M.Tech at IITK

    The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur is one of the premier institutions established by the Governmnet of India to develop excellence in technical education, research and training. To meet rapidly changing current and future needs of the society the Institute participates in a major way in national endeavours in technology and science. I have done my postgraduation at IIT Kanpur from civil engineering department. My field of specialization is Transportation Systems Engineering.

    The Institute presently offers educational programmes at Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral levels in various branches of technology and science. The central computing facility houses HP Supermini computers, Convex Computer and range of Workstations and PC`s connected to Local Area Network. Terminal Servers located in different buildings in the academic area and departmental computing resources are also connected to campus LAN. The central library has large collection of technical books and journals.

    IIT Kanpur is located in a residencial campus on G.T. Road about 10 Km. west of Kanpur. Halls of Residence, Faculty and Staff houses, Community facilites are located arround the academic area where educational, administrative and research facilites are located. The Institute today has arround 1200 undergraduate and 800 post-graduate students and a faculty of about 330.

    Departments and Centers

  • Engineering Departments
  • Science Departments
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Department
  • Centers and Facilities


    • Aerospace Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Computer Science and Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Nuclear Engineering


    • Chemistry
    • Mathematics
    • Physics

    Centers and Facilities

    • Advanced Center for Elecrical Sciences(ACES)
    • Advanced Center for Material Sciences(ACMS)

  • Details of M. Tech Thesis

    Road Transport plays a significant role in India's Transportation System and is a vital factor in country's economy. The road traffic on Indian roads is highly heterogeneous, being constituted by vehicle types as fast as Maruti Cars and as slow as bullock carts. One of the main reasons for growth of congestion on Indian Highways is that the traffic has outpaced the growth of Highway network. Information regarding the capacity and level of service on an existing road is very important for upgrading that road.

    The project work involves study of different parameters and aspects of road system like Capacity and Level of Service analysis of highways. The complexity of modern traffic system management strategies often require that predictive modeling studies be conducted prior to the implementation of any strategy. Simulation has been recognized since long as a powerful problem solving technique. A simulation model was initially developed by the VTI(Institute of Swedish Transportation Officials ) and later Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in collaboration with the scientists of VTI modified the model. The version of the model is currently known as the Indo Swedish Traffic Simulation Model.

    The simulation model takes advantage of Object Oriented Programming, which is a powerful feaure of SIMULA programming language. The program and data structure are based on the Jackson Structured Programming technique and has been programmed in one of the highest level simulation languages i.e., SIMULA 67. Simula has built in features like pseudo-parallel execution that facilitates easy tools for simulation of traffic on the roads. The present work focuses on the application of the Indo Swedish Traffic Simulation Model to determine the capacity and to evaluate level-of-service at various operating conditions of the highways.

    Some of the courses I have undergone during my coursework.


    I want to render my services in the Information Technolgy field. Software tools have become a way of our life and contribute significantly to master the complexities in the usage and programming of the computer. They are becoming more and more sophisticated and contribute heavily to the improvement of productivity of users and programmers alike. I would like to work for developing application software as well as systems software.

    I know the programming languages C++ and Simula'67, the special feature of both of them is their object oriented approach. I have worked with various platforms like Sun Sparc10 (OS4), HP9000 Superminis and Workstations, and PC486. Working Environments that I have worked with are Unix, DOS, Sun Windows, X windows and MS Windows3.1. We, transportation systems engineering guys at IIT Kanpur, are using multimedia tools like Super Video Windows and Aldus Photo Styler for traffic data analysis. Our Transportation lab is equipped with necessary audio and video failities.


    I had undergone a short term training during my graduation from Southern Engineering Works(SEW), Andhra Pradesh. I have taken a short term course on Unix and c from Institute of Computer Software Sciences(ICSS), Warangal.

    I am presently employed with IBM Global Services India as a Software Engineer. IBM, the world's largest and most diverified company. IBM believes in professionalism, reliability and commitment to quality.

    IBM India is headquartered at Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. It has branches in all major Indian metros and representatives in the U.S, Europe(Germany) and Singapore. And it provides the full range of IBM services, which include :

    Software products and services for domestic and international markets
    The entire range of IBM equipment in India
    Customer education, support and maintenance on all IBM platforms
    Hardware exports through IBM's international Procurrement Organization


    I like reading all types of magazines and news papers. I play cricket, Table Tennis. Also participate in cultural and social activities. Browsing through Internet to know lots of new things has become a part of my life. I expect the same with you guys.

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